My first "Tips from the ER Post"

Was on November 22, 2020. Why did I decide to start TikTok, so many of you have asked? Well besides the fact that I was working 12 hour shifts in the ER at (what we thought was) the height of the pandemic, wasn't sure where my acting career was tumulting to, and broke up with my girlfriend, I just needed some sort of creative outlet. I was frustrated, confused and really unsure where my life was going. So obviously the answer was to turn to a Gen-Z booty shaking app and cuss as much as I can. Jk, kind of. I wasn't doing too well personally, as I'm sure lots of you could relate at the time. But everything happens for a reason, and you're here for a reason. 

So back to this video. (Here if you haven't seen). Why did I choose to talk about hydration? Drinking water and hydrating might not save you from an inevitable car crash, but it will help you feel better in your day-day life. Nearly two-thirds of an adult human body is made of water. We lose water in our body all the time through physical activities, urine, heat, fever, diarrhea, etc. Water helps our body function.
In case you didn't know, the normal water needs for adults are

  • For women: About 11 cups (2.7 liters or about 91 ounces) total daily fluid intake
  • For men: About 15.5 cups (3.7 liters or about 125 ounces) total daily fluid intake

Need something to help you stay hydrated throughout the day? Here is a motivational water bottle for you to track water intake easily.  



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"Most of the time you MuFKRs come in, we give you an IV and get you a bag of saline. What does that mean? We're hydrating you. Imagine that, your body needs water. Wow, what a concept. Drink up people - stop crowding the ERs."

You all are constantly asking me for the craziest story I've seen in the ER. Boy oh boy, have I got stories, as I'm sure most practitioners reading this will agree. I once saw an unconscious man brought in with his entire body crawling with ants. Not joking. It was a layer of crawling ants. EMTs were dispatched to a subway where someone saw the man on the ground in the corner. It's as cringey and disgusting as you are currently picturing it to be in your head. Apologies for the goosebumps. And yes, I was in charge of cleaning them up. We got him to the ambulance bay, pulled him over to one of our gurneys and blasted the man with warm water until all the ants were off of him. I was gowned up and protected better than most healthcare workers taking care of covid patients and somehow those ants still managed to get on my skin. What a lovely time.

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