By Steven Ho

Where the f*** did you find all these milk crates?

The viral Milk Crate Challenge has left people injured. Doctors are begging them to stop. What a headline. In case you missed it, here's the article describing the latest dumb trend. If it's not one thing, it's another. Why, WHY?! I know a lot of us crave the social media fame. Trust me, that I understand. You watch these videos and it's addicting! We as viewers get a taste of that same adrenaline rush this person is feeling and when they fall - it's like almost a satisfying, OMG, shock factor. Similar to what you feel from a Dr. Pimple Popper video or kid falling into alligator swamp in zoo video. And then we scroll.. and look for the next one to cheer for. But you don't see that next part, where they're on a stretcher getting pushed into the ambulance and sent to the ER. The five second fame and possibility of life long injuries from a six foot fall is just not worth it. Medical practitioners "across the country are reporting on online forums that they have seen challenge participants with a variety of injuries, including shoulder dislocations and rotator-cuff tears, ACL and meniscus tears, broken wrists and even spinal-cord injuries." TikTok has banned the challenge now - good on them. But seriously people, let's not risk it all for one viral video. Avoid the crates and chug the milk instead - get your daily calcium and vitamins! Be safe :) 



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"Hospitals and ERs are already overrun with COVID patients and you MuFKRs decide now is the best time to test your ability to defy gravity. If you really wanted to go viral, just blindfold yourself and backflip into a swimming pool without water. Same effect, super original."

Two stories for you this week. In the ER, we have these workstations nurses use in patient rooms to do charting. They used to be called COWS (computers on wheels). At some point in my EMS career, I asked "Hey, where are all the COWS?" To which my peer responded, "They're called WOWS (workstation on wheels) now. Didn't bother me and I moved on with my day. I later found out the reason for this change. At another hospital, a patient heard a nurse say "We have to move the COW" to which they took offense and thought the cow was them, the patient... 

Previously I posted a video about an experience with a conversation that involved "Who do you think's pitching?" I can confirm it was indeed a true story.