It's code red! Evacuate the hospital šŸ˜±

CodeĀ Red, CodeĀ Red, CodeĀ RedĀ šŸ”‰šŸ”Š

the hospital speakers announce. I look at my co-worker, shrug and continue turning the patient onto their side. Another day, another fire drill.Ā 

In theĀ 8 yearsĀ that I've worked in the ER, I've yet to experience a real code red, meaning the hospital needs to prepare/evacuate for a fire hazard. There are many codes in the hospital world, most of which you'll likely never witness.

Code blue on the other hand is one that the hospital staff takes seriously and happens everyday. There is literally a code blue button on every patient's wall. If pushed, a code blue designated team (generally includes doctors, crisis nurse(s), security guard w/ master key, transporter) will rush to the patient's room. We donā€™t call code blues in the ER. We just stick our heads out of the patientā€™s room and yell for help. Everyone in the ER is trained to respond to a code blue so thereā€™s no need to overhead page someone from across the building. Unlike Telemetry or MedSurge Units, we have ER doctors and critical care nurses on the unit 24/7.

"I'veĀ experiencedĀ so many code red drills I'veĀ becomeĀ completely numb. I can't remember the last time I picked my ass up and left the building because of a fire alarm. If there really is a fire I will be burnt to a crisp, so don't look to me for guidance MuFKRs. I'm just some idiot on TikTok wearing scrubs." WatchĀ code compilation.

The one time I do recall leaving the ER for a code blue was when they announced it for the CT room. ā€œCode Blue. First Floor. CT. Code Blue. First Floor CT.ā€ I rushed over with a few coworkers and luckily everyone was fine. Everyone is taught better to be safe than sorry, so if you suspect your patient might not be doing well, better call a code blue just in case.

Over 90% of hospitals have a consistent and common definition for code red and blue, but outside of that we're pretty much fucked. You'll find different definitions for other codes based on where you live.

Code white in California means a pediatric emergency, in Louisiana means a violent person, and in Wisconsin means an external disaster. That would be real shitty if you mixed one up with the other. Hopefully wherever you end up working, theyā€™re kind enough to put the different codes and their meanings on the back of your badge. Iā€™ve worked for three hospitals in California and they were on my badge every time. I canā€™t speak for the rest of the world. I tried to google the last time a code red fire evacuation was real and turns out in Chesterfield, a small town in Virginia, code red means the hospital is at max capacity.

Alright, now I'm confused too. What I can say for certain isĀ code black only happens in Grey's Anatomy.

Bomb in a body?! This is the most watchedĀ episodeĀ in all of the 18 seasons. I mean the suspense made for great TV and was a fantastic two part episode. I won't lie.Ā 

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